JapanHDV – Akari Asayiri Gets Creampied


Akari Asayiri was out shopping today and got caught in a rainstorm. The rain came down so fast and unexpectedly that she got drenched and wet through and through. She had to take refuge somewhere so she knocked on a door of a friend that lives on that street. It is also her son’s friends house. Akari’s friend was not home as she was also out shopping but her son opened the door to her and let her in to wait out the rain. She uses the towels to dry off but is so wet she wants to take off her clothes to dry her body. Her friend’s son takes some peeks at her as she disrobes and she looks amazing to be his mom’s friend. How can she be this hot and so much older than him? Akari is wearing some black panties and a matching bra and looks sexy as hell and even all wet she looks like a million bucks. Akari is rather turned on at the attention she is getting from her son’s friend. She decides since he is that interested in her that he must think she is quite sexy and she decides to see how much he is willing to do by teasing him some. She touches him asking about his workout regime. His cock is getting hard. She can see that being so close to him is turning him on. She decides to go a step further with this young man and put his hand on her breast. Akari is feeling horny so takes off her top and lets him grope her and enjoy her tits. He has his hands all over her and she is so turned on. From there Akari starts kissing him and then goes down to suck on his cock. She decides that since she has him there and no one is home but him she is going to give her son’s friend the afternoon of his life and fuck his brains out.

Actors: Akari Asayiri

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