Club Seventeen – Rita B Teen Gets Her Ass Fucked After English Lesson


Rita B is learning how to speak English. Does she know what the word dick means? No, but she’s about to find out. Surprisingly, this teen student already knows what the word suck is. It appears that she’s been sucking on dicks for quite some time. She just hasn’t known that’s what it’s called. She might not know the word for anal sex, but that doesn’t mean her asshole has never been invaded before. He doesn’t let up for a single second when it comes to pounding her asshole. Just to make sure there’s some variety in the mix, he drills her pussy a good one as well. The nut that he’s been building up will be saved for her asshole. A marvelous hole like that needs to be shown just how special it is.

Date: October 25, 2018
Actors: Amber Moloko / Rita B

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